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Stump Solution is a dedicated service that professionally removes tree stumps in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Using our turf-friendly specialized machines, Stump Solution grinds the tree stump into mulch, removing the stump 8 to 12 inches below ground level. This enables the property to be reclaimed back to grass or flower beds. We have various machines to efficiently and effectively grind stumps in all conditions. Our tight access machine is only 25” wide to accommodate hard to reach situations.  Our 35hp standard residential machine is used in the bulk of our work.  We also have a high production 85hp machine that efficiently grinds large caliper stumps as well as multiple stumps found on acreages, golf courses, land clearing projects and municipalities.

Stump Solution has been owned and operated by Russell Smella since 1998. Initially, the business was established as RLS Stump Removal, in 2012 renamed itself to Stump Solution. Over the years, we have assisted thousands of Calgary homeowners and businesses remove their stumps. 



Rental vs Hiring Us


It is possible to rent a stump grinder from an equipment rental shop. 

The objective of renting a stump grinder machine yourself is to save money.  However, Stump Solution is priced to compete with the rental shop without the hassles of you doing the work.

Things to consider prior to renting

• Rental stump grinders are heavy and awkward to maneuver. 

• A truck is required to transport rental stump grinders to and from the rental shop. (Don’t forget to rent the ramp to get the grinder into the truck.)

• Travel time to and from the rental shop is included in your rental time.

• Rental stump grinders are labour intensive because they are basic machines (1970’s design) without hydraulic controls.  This means that the renter will be manually pushing the machine back and forth.

• Rental shops to do not rent debris shields to protect your property from flying wood chips / rocks.  

• It is NOT in the best interest of the rental shop to have a machine with sharp teeth (average cost of a replacement set of teeth is $280.00).  Thus, the rental machines will cut slower and require more effort. It is like trying to use a butter knife to cut through a tough steak.

• Most Do-It-Yourselfers will find they are rushed to complete the job and return the machine before the rental rate doubles.

• If you happen to miss a root or part of the stump, you have to repeat the whole process over or start cutting it out with an axe. Stump Solution guarantees our work and will return to make it right.

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