What is stump removal? How is the tree stump removed?

Stump Solution has a turf-friendly specialized machine that will grind your stump 8 -12 inches below ground level. When we are done, you will be left with wood chips/ mulch. 

The machine does NOT pull the tree stump out of the ground.

What happens to the tree roots?

Exposed surface roots may also be ground out, however there may be an additional cost.

Questions we may ask you before we start:

• Is your stump located in the front or backyard?

• Does access to the stump include a gate at least 36” wide?

• Does access to the stump include any steps or grade changes?

• Is the stump cut to ground level? How high is the stump off the ground?

• What type of tree was removed?

• Are there any exposed surface roots that need to be removed?

• What is the diameter of the stump at the last chainsaw cut?

What happens if my gate is not 36 inches wide?

• Our standard machines require an opening of 36 inches to enter. If the gate is smaller, we will ensure that we bring our narrow access machine measuring only 25 inches wide. 

• Our narrow machine will fit through most man doors (garage doors) and can even go through the house if the situation dictates. 

• We are very innovative to gain access to stumps. We have previously removed fence panels, ramped up or down walls or gone through neighbors yards prior to getting to your yard. 

Will you travel outside of Calgary?

Stump Solution is more than willing and capable of traveling outside of Calgary for jobs. We are able to price these jobs over the phone with the aid of photo’s sent in by the customer. To help reduce the cost of travel to the customer, we recommend that we grind as many stumps as possible in that region. We have had great results by posting local advertisements in these communities “Stump Grinder Coming to Town.”

What happens to the mulch after the stump is removed?

If we only provide stump grinding services to you, the mulch will be raked back into a pile and left onsite (where the stump was). You can take advantage of using this mulch for garden beds, composts, or scattered under your trees for ground cover. Calgary’s green or organic waste bin service will also accept mulch.

How much mulch will I have?

This is dependent on the type of tree that existed before, which may range from a wheelbarrow load to a truckload. For example, poplar trees and spruce trees that are mounded tend to leave behind more mulch. This also assumes that the stump is cut at ground level.

Typically the pile turns out to be as high as the stump was wide. For instance the average stump that is removed in Calgary is 20 – 24 inch wide and will result in a pile approximately 3 feet wide and 2 feet high. 

Why don’t you include hauling mulch in your initial price?

It has been industry standard to leave the mulch on site after stump grinding. We try to give our customers the best possible price by performing stump grinding not dealing with the aspects of disposal. In some cases if you are having extensive landscaping done this mulch will be removed with the site prep from the landscapers for an extra charge. Calgary’s green or organic waste bin service will also accept mulch.

Do I have to be home when you grind out my stump?

Most of our customers are not present when we grind stumps out on their property. We will leave you an invoice in the mailbox and you can e-transfer,  mail us a cheque, call in a credit card.

What methods of payment does Stump Solution accept?

E-Transfer, VISA, Mastercard, Personal Cheque, and old fashioned Cash

What if I have irrigation in my yard?

We request customers to ensure irrigation lines are visible before we arrive on site. If irrigation lines are exposed prior to arrival we will do our best to work around the lines. If irrigation lines are buried or not visible, Stump Solution is not responsible for damage.